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We loving hearing from our clients about the changes we have help them achieve!

REAL people, REAL results


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"They moved to zoom when the lockdown came along.  Nick planned the sessions well and through use of 1 minute videos gave brilliant previews of the session to enable preparing for the session and to have the right warm up.   Zoom worked well and Nick gave detailed feedback on technique. Overall it worked brilliantly."


"I've found the zoom sessions work really well. No travel time and you still get the same workout and interaction. Having set up an area at home I have also found I exercise better outside the sessions with which was an unexpected bonus."


"Zoom sessions are very creative & have been very effective for me, no zoom sessions are the same, motivates and puts a lot of effort into each session and still makes sure you are challenging yourself and doing each exercise correctly and that I am working to my own fitness levels, he works hard to make sure we are all supported. I’m achieving great results and still seeing body changes!"


"Zoom sessions are absolutely great, by doing it this way we are all protected and the sessions are very challenging and fun. Equipment has been loaned out and the motivation and the impetus to continue has been irresistible. Well done 😁"


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"I find the zoom sessions great & have worked better than I thought they would at first. The sessions are planned well through 1 minute videos which enable us to prepare for the session. Nick is a great support & always challenges us to be the best we can be. Thanks so much "


"I signed up in July 2020 and have been extremely happy with the progress I have made.  The majority of my sessions have been via Zoom and if you think you can't get fit that way then you are wrong, as Zoom sessions are challenging and motivational. Highly recommended "


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"If you really want to change rather than play at it, this could be for you. Great gym sessions with a trainer who cares, daily contact and support. More importantly it works - I’ve lost 12 lbs in 2 months - so I guess that’s the proof of the (low fat) pudding!"

 AN (Male 52) 

"The personal training sessions are each tailored to your age and abilities. They are fun, the fees are extremely reasonable and the results are superb."

 SS Female 68 (Retired) 

"Just finishing my first three months and delighted that for the very first time ever, results are consistently appearing. is incredibly motivating and knowledgeable. Effective balance of tough motivation and good fun. Loving the sociable nature of PTC (Group Training) and genuinely excited about my fitness journey and what lies ahead."

 CB (Female 49) 

"They give the right amount of patience, motivation & encouragement. They’ve really understood my medical needs, taken on board what I’ve said however have still pushed me to get the best results and therefore better my strength, my health & my confidence. Sessions are fun, productive & effective - I couldn’t recommend enough."

 GOS (Female 23) 

"Nick is truly amazing! He has been training me for 8 months. All I wanted originally is to get fitter and sort my nutrition. In no time I started to notice changes in my body. It couldn't have made me happier. I now understood that a combination of fitness and diet is so important to achieve results. I really like his work technique, it's always new and fresh, challenging and fun! I recommend him big time! He is the best in his field! I would also like to say that I decided to enter a bikini competition and I placed in the top three 🥇"

 NV Female 36 (Beginner to Bikini Fitness Winner) 

"I was fit up until my late 40's but then had an accident that kept me away from gyms for a while. Despite starting again in my mid-50's, nothing worked for me until I met TheBeforeAndAfter.  I am finally getting somewhere with my fitness, as he's not only thorough, dedicated, knowledgable and helpful, but PT sessions are somehow always fun - exhausting but fun, and I wouldn't use anyone else."

 BB Male 62 (Beginner) 

"Nick has really helped me make progress towards becoming fitter and leaner in the last few months. He always makes time for his clients and goes the extra mile to help people with their weight loss goals, this isn't limited to just personalised workouts and training schedules, but lifestyle tips, a online support and nutritional guidance. Overall I would recommend Nick to anyone as a friendly local personal trainer who has a ton of experience in the world of fitness and bodybuilding and is someone who knows how to bring out the best version of you, he can help you achieve the physical & health changes you would like."

 AR Male 26
(Complete Beginner) 

"NN Personal Training is a dedicated, passionate and inspiring PT. Sessions are tailored to your goals with motivational discussions and personal advice given along the way. Not only do you have the option of personal 121 sessions and/or group sessions, you have access to an array of online help to pick and choose from while at home or away. Personalised food plans are on offer with monthly weigh ins and measurements to boot. All at an incredible rate! I highly recommend them as your PT. Go along for a chat and see! Visit website above for more details."

 T (Full Time Worker) 

"I have recently used NN Personal Training Skype PT sessions.  It’s so simple.  He’ll dial you up and all you need to do is position your device so he can see you.  I set up in my daughter’s kitchen and was able to enjoy highly professional training as if I was in gym.

Highly recommend so that you can continue your programme whilst away."

 AC Female 44
(Works internationally) 

"5 star service! NN Personal Trainining have been amazing in helping me to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. Everyone is really positive and supportive and the trainer is really knowledgeable in how to get the best results from both exercise and diet."

 CW Male 49
(5 stone lost) 

"NN Personal Training have been a great resource for me, helping not only with face to face/group PT sessions but providing nutritional guidance, meal plans and also keeping on top of progress to tailor training accordingly. The results I've had working with them have been excellent, for non training time they provide free access to a large number of videos tailored for different work outs/targeting different areas."

 RC (Male Age 43) 

"Nick is an excellent trainer - he is a great motivator - a comprehensive range of routines - he ensures you keep going without overstretching yourself. And a likeable fellow as well!"

 LB Male 60
(Complete Beginner) 

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